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21-Aug-2018 7:00 pm -9:00 pm
Free for HKICC members

Social Presencing Theatre in Coaching facilitation

Workshop Objective
Introducing and practising Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) to experience how the embodiment process to enable you and your clients to bring more somatic and instinctual awareness to get out of stuck situation or open up to emerging possibilities. 
In this experiential workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn how SPT bring insights to self transformation from a coaching perspective, learn and experience the concept of "ma" for sensing. 
  • Explore and practise some basic SPT embodiment activities (e.g. 20-min dance, field dance, personal/group stuck etc.) and to increase sensitivity with your body intelligence and be more mindful to hold space for sensing.  
  • Gain insights from your intuition and body intelligence in coaching practices and how you can enable your clients to gain insights from embodiment as well. 


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