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September 2020


President's Message
September 2020


Dear members and friends,

Hope you are all holding up well and staying healthy. As the third wave seems to be coming to a close, it’s both disconcerting and reassuring that we have been in this predicament for nine months now and this new normal seems to be sinking in. As surprise, anxiety and anger subside, people the world over come to embrace more acceptance, resolve and resilience (my hope anyway). Until we have a more long-term resolution to this COVID situation, it’s great to see people become more adaptive and creative in carrying on their lives as much as possible and we as coaches continuing to support our clients to adapt the best way they can.
In order to take care of our clients, we also need to look after ourselves as I have recently discovered. With a particularly bad headache last week, I went to see my Chinese doctor and although he did his magic to make it go away, he reminded me to take care of both my physical and mental health, as the headache was the result of persistent subpar sleep quality. This time it really hit the alarm bell hard and it made me very aware of the impact of my prioritising of work over sleep. I’ve since put in place measures to make sure of my 8 hours of sleep, as well as cutting out sugar and caffeine. So the message is, re-examine our daily habits and see what we can do to be more physically and mentally fit. The economic fallout from the COVID situation is probably just beginning and we would need much stamina and energy to support our clients as well as ourselves.
Reporting on the activities of HKICC, Selina has been tirelessly organising a Coach Development event every month and the last one by Leona Wan on Hack the Box has been very well received. We have also started the new Level Up series to support our members in developing their coaching business. It’s still not too late to join as after the successful first session by Dora and Phyllis there are still three more sessions coming up, and you can find the sign-up details below. On another exciting note HKICC has been invited to contribute an article under the banner “Coaches’ Lens” every fortnight to the online version of the iMoney magazine (in Chinese) and the first piece “Finding the Diamond in You” was published on 15/9 written by our VP Coaching Outreach, Education and Advocacy Alvin Ng (https://inews.hket.com/article/2753690?r=cpsdlc). He will be reaching out soon to the membership for article contribution.
In terms of collaboration, I would like to report that Think Broader, the initiative we have created with IACHK and ICFHK to support youth helpers in Hong Kong last year, have recently delivered our first online Think Broader workshop to over 60 student advisors of HKUST in four sessions. With the success of the online delivery after a period of adjustments, we shall start to call on those of you who’ve volunteered to be facilitators at our last Dec launch as we secure more opportunities. Please stay tuned and sorry for the silence.
On another note, with all of our events having moved online, we now have participants joining our events from outside of Hong Kong regularly and as such we are also planning to bring you different learning opportunities from organisations outside of Hong Kong. The first will be the Shanghai Coaching Circle (TSCC) which is a non-profit platform established in 2007 to enhance coaching skills and foster professionalism of its members from around the Shanghai region in monthly speakers or sharing events in English. Their next event will be on Oct 19 on “Search Inside Yourself” and its relevance to coaching. We shall post more information on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages when we further information. Please “like” or “follow” to keep in touch.
On the membership front we are in the process of reviewing how we can better serve you. We are looking at enhancing benefits for our members and growing our HKICC family by spreading the word about our community, support, learning and development culture across Hong Kong and beyond. We will be reaching out for your input in the coming months, and whenever you have ideas for us please do get in touch:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Last by not least, we would like to welcome the following new members to HKICC and thank those who renewed since our last newsletter

New: Benjamin Fong, Carmen Ng, Fatma Madiouni, Jenny To, Linda Chen, Meiling Tsang, Michael Kwong, Montana Chan, Nadine Slater, Samuel Demarais, Siru Heino, Stephanie Kroeker, Tony Williams

Renew: Adeline Man, Andrea Roth, Cara Chu, Christopher Chan, Elsa Tang, Fonnie Wong, Gladys Wong, Linda Sim, Margie Poon, Paek Sook Hyung, Rebecca Szeto, Takemura Shizuka, Vicky Lee
As a volunteer-led organisation embarking on a year-long project to refresh HKICC to support you in moving forward, we would like to invite those who appreciate and benefitted from our work to join the HKICC leadership and working committees to bring these worthwhile initiatives into reality. We are currently looking for members to fill various roles but are also open to what you would like to offer. Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.
Thank you and stay healthy.

Warmest regards,

Nicholas Wai

September 2020

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HKICC Management Committee Corner

HKICC Management Committee Corner

As we welcome on board our new VP Membership, here's a quick introduction of Linda Sim :-

Linda Sim - VP Membership

One of my favourite quotes, by Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese philosopher & writer, is…

‘Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing yourself is enlightenment’.

The reason I love this quote so much is that it helps to form the foundation of my coaching relationships. I believe that having self-awareness is the key to living the life you want, achieving the goals you set, and creating the relationships required to get there.

Born and brought up in Hong Kong, I have 24 years’ experience in coaching, training and facilitating across Sales & Marketing, eCommerce and Loyalty on 4 continents, encompassing a 20-year corporate career with Cathay Pacific, and overseeing their loyalty programme and membership.

I have always had a love for my customers and a strong desire to help them achieve what’s important and makes them happy. With this in mind, and working closely with the HKICC family, I hope to contribute towards what you need, want and value in the membership space. All ideas are appreciated, so please feel free to share with us! Together let’s STRIVE forward...


It’s a pleasure to be part of the HKICC team, and I am grateful for the opportunity of collaborating with you all, and look forward to serving you as best I can.


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May 2020


President's Message
May 2020

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February 2020



        President's Message

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Our first Coach Development Program in 2020

A full house at HKICC’s first Coach Development Program in 2020! Thank you Coach  Katerina Kirillova-Stanley’s insightful sharing on Metaphorical Associative card (MAC), a tool which has been adopted by psychotherapists to work within coachees’ emotional, mental and physical spheres creating a free, secure and non judgemental environment.
Participants got to understand the theoretical foundation of MAC and were given practical algorithms of the cards for their self transformation.
Also welcome our 5 new members!

It was a great kick off event for #hkicc on Jan 16 with 21 coaches actively participated. Applying the magic of  Metaphorical associative cards, coaches found the coaching sessions more fruitfully deep diving to reflect inner voice of clients thoughts. The theme of self managing at the beginning of the year trigger coaches to empower themselves for new beliefs and actions. 
Coming on Feb 22 will be learning to  disrupt ourselves and March 19 embracing self care.
Please come and join us. Don't miss the chance to transform to where you want to be.
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Planning for 2020 & beyond

We are grateful to have Angela Spaxman (our Founding Member) to facilitate the discussions and guide us through.  


 What a passionate, energetic and committed group here spending a day to review our goals, to strategise what are the priorities for 2020 & beyond, and to nail what we need to get done soon!

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President's Message 
December 2019

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Nicholas Wai, our President and Stanley Chiu, our VP External Affairs was recently interviewed by Insight Media.  They shared with us what’s really about coaching and how coaching can help people in their life, career and to be a better person.  It is a 3-min video and you would gain some insights from it.  Please enjoy!


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Coaching Will Overtake Consulting

It might take the full 10 years, but coaching will begin to rise in popularity over consulting. Aging demographics will demand a vast transfer of institutional, industry and professional wisdom. Consulting augments gaps in knowledge, but coaching emphasizes the transfer of wisdom. Smart young leaders will seek to learn, as talent becomes harder to "rent." - Jim Vaselopulos, Rafti Advisors, Inc.

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Rise Of The Automated Coach

They say, in real estate, success is based on location, location, location. Well, in coaching, we will be saying technology, technology, technology. Coaches will differentiate themselves in the future by connecting through platforms and being able to meet almost anywhere and anytime regardless of their physical location. Coaches will engage clients through micro-learning sessions, gamification and will add value by providing clients access to content beyond their counsel. - Brad Federman, F&H Solutions Group

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15 Trends That Will Redefine Executive Coaching In The Next Decade

Having an executive coach to help your professional career move forward makes perfect sense in today’s marketplace. Having someone who will push you and hold you accountable can make you strive for success and never become complacent.

However, as you look towards the future, the world of executive coaching may take on a new shape. There may be more automation or a stronger focus on mental status or the psychology aspect of your career. As the executive coaching industry continues to grow, so does the number of ways in which this niche is going to change in the not-so-distant future.

Below, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council share the various ways they expect executive coaching to evolve in the next five to 10 years and the main trends to keep an eye out for in the industry.

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Building your inner coach | Brett Ledbetter | TEDxGatewayArch

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What is Coaching?

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Coaching for Coaches - Most Important Trait to Have as a Life Coach

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A Coaching Journey

I found the following in my Inbox and was intrigued: ‘Why are we providing coaching to NGOs free of charge which otherwise cost thousands of HK dollars per hour basis?

Because we want more small to medium sized NGO leaders to experience the power of coaching, a tool of growing importance. And we believe that by enhancing the effectiveness of leaders, in turn, they will create an even bigger impact to the community they serve.

We also believe that the most powerful coaching arrangement ideally starts from the leadership team of the organization. And the success of coaching is highly depending on the willingness and the commitment of the selected coachees’

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Post 90s Coaching

Post 90s Coaching Article


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Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision – what is it?

I have been involved in training coach supervisors internationally, for seven years. In this article I want to outline the key functions and benefits of coaching supervision, highlight some of the main features of supervision training, and indicate how to choose a coach supervisor. While coaching supervision uses some models from related disciplines, it is important todistinguish coaching supervision from educational, clinical and managerial supervision. Coaching supervision is a distinct practice and has developed in consultation with many coaches; it continues to embrace new learning and methodology, and to be in dialogue with coaches, coach trainers and employers of coaches.


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Talking to Ourselves

by Maaike van Dijk

Once upon a time there was a tiger cub whose mother died during labour. A herd of goats took him amongst themselves and he grew up thinking and acting like a goat. One day an older tiger chased the goats and caught one of them. The young tiger, not sensing any danger, did not feel the urge to run. The old tiger was surprised to see this young tiger walking, talking and acting like a goat. He wanted to show him his true nature and took him to a pond to watch his reflection. The young tiger was not impressed.

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