President's Message 
December 2019

We are almost at the end of 2019 and this is a year that is full of surprises, drama, as well as opportunities and blessings (though may be in disguise). At this time of reflection and gratitude, personally I am thankful for being a father for the first time with our lovely baby boy Nathaniel, and able to change my work mode and still doing the things I love.

On the HKICC front, I am grateful for our dedicated team of volunteer coaches who helped organized a variety of events throughout the year that supported the development of our member coaches and the society at large. Some of the highlights include the Coaching Symposium with Tony, Leona, and Rebecca in April for new and to be coaches, the Coaches’ Roundtable led by Angela for deeper conversations about various aspects of coaching, the AGM with Jack Cheung who overcame sight impairment to inspire many, a new series of Let it Shine to help coaches run their practice better with Vicky, Steve B, and Steve L., and the Community Outreach project with the KELY senior leadership team in supporting them in their youth support work. Special thanks to all the speakers, venue providers, as well as the volunteer project leaders in making all these possible.

With Collaboration as the theme for our year-end gathering last year, we have really embraced the theme this year with the TID Success series of educational workshop for small and medium sized businesses by Anthony and Vicky as speakers, the Asia Pacific Coaching Survey with APAC, the One Day Coaching Forum with Good Coaching Exchanges, the L&D 2030 facilitated discussion with IACHK that explored the future trends that will affect us, and tonight’s Get Together with IACHK and ICFHK that will the launch our “Think Broader” project that aims to benefit our community with coaching and emotional management skills.

Looking forward, the management committee has been working hard for the last few months to reimagine how HKICC need to change to be more future ready for our members, your clients, and society at large. Taking into account your valuable inputs in our membership survey from earlier this year and asking ourselves who we are serving, what their needs are, how we should be serving them, and what impact we want to make, we are working on our strategies on different membership categories, members benefits and pricing, events line up and economics, as well as collaborative partnerships. There are still much to rethink and refined and we hope to reveal more details to you in 1Q 2020.

As a heads up, our Coach Development events for 2020 will be organized around the Chinese philosophy of the Golden Mean, with each quarter organised around the theme of Managing the Self, Managing the Family (Relationships), Managing the Country (Organisations and Context), and Managing the World (Society and Community). In the meantime, the committee after much deliberation, has decided it has come to the time for us to collect a small fee of $100 from members for coach development events from 2020 to cover the venue and admin costs, even though we have halved our admin costs from taking over most of the administrative and accounting work after our virtual assistant provider changed hands earlier this year. We hope you would understand and support us as we re-engineer HKICC to better serve you our members in the long run.

As a final note, I would like to thank our directors Tony (Immediate Past President), Pauline (Executive VP and VP Marketing), Elsa (Treasurer), and Anthony (Secretary and VP Membership until Oct) and VPs Selina (Coach Development), Stanley (External Affairs), and Alvin (Community Outreach), as well as Elaine, Eileen, and Angela for working tirelessly in holding HKICC together and creating and running the variety of events you’ve seen this year. With the new HKICC that we imagined we expect to need more hands-on deck to serve our membership and the community better whether in a management role or on project basis. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer and together support the development of coaching and coaches in our beloved city and beyond.


Warmest regards,  
Nicholas Wai
December 2019