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December 2020


President's Message
December 2020


Dear members and friends,

As the fateful 2020 comes to a close, the fourth wave is upon us in Hong Kong and this will surely be a very different Christmas and New Year season than we normally experience. As much as we remember the challenges and trying circumstances, we can choose to look back on the blessings (in disguise) and appreciation. For HKICC, it was a year of being adaptive and adventurous, trying out new ways of doing things in adapting to the new normal…although as our Strategic Foresight session showed, the development of L&D in different domains are inevitable, but the circumstances have made it quicker and more acceptable. 

Looking forward, I envision HKICC to continue supporting our members and the coaching community by being diverse and inclusive, giving a platform for our members to learn and shine. Quoting the metaphors from the Future of Coaching CD event, we are more like a fish market with similar but unique offerings catering to the needs and tastes of different clients, rather than the anything goes Wild Wild West or the mad dash Gold Rush.

I’m personally thankful for everyone in the HKICC team in making so much happened for our members and our community, for our various speakers at both our Coach Development and Level Up events, and for our collaboration partners at Think Broader for supporting and contributing to the various NGOs and higher education institute in learning about applying coaching skills in their lines of work. I am also thankful for our members, for your continual support and eagerness to pursuit your own continuous development, for my family, for your love and support, and for myself, in looking after my own physical and mental health.

What are you grateful for this year? What can you appreciate and what are you looking forward to in 2021? For this, I would like to invite you to our Joint Online Christmas Gathering with IACHK and ICFHK on Dec 22 (details below), where the coaching community in Hong Kong will once again come together to connect and share. During the event, you will also hear about what the Think Broader team has been doing since launching last year and what volunteer opportunities you can look forward to next year. Hope to see you then, especially our new and renewed members since my last President’s Message:

New: Cath Dionisio, Maria Juditha Puentespina and Philippe Jaccard 

Renew: Angie Wong, Audrey Wang, Christina Themar, Lucia Del Vita, Mark Huang, Samantha Leung, Sarah Oldfield, Sean Kwan and Victor Filamor
As we approach our 20th anniversary next year, I would like to give a big bear (virtual) hug to members who have been with us for more than 10 years:

Angela Spaxman, Jeff Hesenfratz, MJ Jennings, Allan Lee, Anthony Betts, Douglas Gerber, Florence Lau, Harriet Holbrook-Lui, Wai Lan Lee, Lesley Lewis, MW Wong, Robert Edmonson, Selene Chow, William Tong, Leona Wan, Susan Hui, Siru Heino, Cheryl Homig, Tony Dickel, and Craig Mckenzie.

as well as those celebrating their 5th anniversary with us:

Elsa Tang, Mona Lee, Charles Leung and Margie Poon.
We are a membership organisation serving our members and our community and to better serve you, we have recently completed three rounds of strategic planning meetings. Says Jim Colins of Good to Great fame, make sure you have the right people on the bus before you figure out where to drive the bus. On this note, I would like to welcome two new members to our Management Committee: Ms Andrea Roth, who has taken up the role of VP Community and Pro-bono Coaching, and Ms Jenny To, the role of VP Membership Engagement. You can read more about them below. With these additions, Ms Linda Sim will now be VP Membership Strategy, and Mr Alvin Ng VP Coaching Advocacy and Education. I would also like to take this opportunity to say farewell to Mr Stanley Chiu, outgoing VP External Affairs, and thank him for his multifaceted contribution to HKICC and the membership community.

We look forward to welcoming the new year with you with our exciting new team at HKICC in serving you with our new mission

A Coaching Community to Inspire and Nurture People to be their Best.
Be Your Best, We Care!


Warmest regards,

Nicholas Wai

December 2020

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