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Complete Member Benefits

Member Area Benefits Regular  (Individual) Professional (Individual)/
Corporate Professional

Coach Development 

Attend Coach Development events (10-12 per year) free of charge

 ✔  ✔

Discounts to professional training courses advertised through HKICC

 ✔   ✔
  Be part of the largest Coaching community in Hong Kong  ✔  ✔
Maintaining a Coaching Business

Ability to promote Coaching Training, Events and Job Announcements to HKICC members and subscribers at a discounted rate.


Have a listing in the HKICC 'Find a Coach' directory with the ability to add your business logo and branding to the search directory.


Ability to add HKICC logo to your website to add credibility by confirming you abide by the HKICC standards.



Promoting Coaching in Hong Kong To be part of organized coaching events within HK (e.g. speed coaching, coaching cafe’s).  ✔  ✔


Publish coaching related articles/research on HKICC website.

 ✔  ✔

Co-organize coaching events with HKICC.

  Actively participate in the management, practices, standards & policies development of HKICC.    ✔
  Option to vote at Shareholders’ meetings.    ✔
  Stand for election as an Executive Committee member.    ✔
Member Programme
(with effect from August 2018)
More details please refer to our website

How to be awarded the HKICC-COINS? 
A. New Member Introduction
You will be awarded virtual HKICC-Coins by inviting your friends, colleagues, and associates to join HKICC. 
    Referrer    Referee
Regular    1 coin    1 coin
Professional    2 coins    2 coins
Corporate    3 coins    3 coins
B. Membership renewal 
Any member who renew their membership at least one calendar month in advance of their membership expiry date will be entitled to one HKICC-Coin as appreciation for renewing early.

What you can do with the HKICC-Coins awarded?

1. You can redeem one HKICC-Coin to invite a non-member to a one-time experience of our Coach Development event for free.  We hope to hear good feedback from the relevant individual who may decide to join us as a member. 

 ✔  ✔


Member-Get Member Programme
(with effect from August 2018)
More details please refer to our website

2.  A current member can redeem two HKICC-Coins to sign up for a non-regular event organized by HKICC that requires a registration fee of up to HK$300, OR, for events above HK$300, spend two HKICC-Coins for HK$300 and pay the extra.

Each issued HKICC-Coin will expire after 12-months of issuance.

Recognition to our Advocates
Members will be recognized and presented certificates at the Annual General Meeting according to their total HKICC-coins collected during the previous calendar year as follows:

Bronze      3-coin
Silver        6-coins
Gold        12-coins or above

 ✔  ✔



HKICC serves professional coaches, those who use coaching as part of their job, or anyone who is interested in becoming a coach or learning about coaching. HKICC has around 170 members and there are over 800 subscribers on our mailing list.

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