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Rinkoo Ramchandani, MD, Unlocked Ltd.
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Rinkoo Ramchandani is a seasoned and passionate leader with over 20 years’ experience in the apparel, footwear and handbag/ accessories industries. She has held senior roles in strategy, operations, supply chain and sourcing for multi-national companies including lululemon, adidas, Puma and Li Fung.
Throughout her tenure at these companies, Rinkoo has exemplified courage and perseverance as she navigated cross-cultural landscapes, shifting scopes and the volatility that accompanies fast-paced growth industries. Making and executing bold changes was a core attribute both in her work but also in her personal choices giving her the real-life experience to coach with empathy and energy.
Rinkoo is enthusiastic about coaching people looking to make transformative changes in their behaviour and careers, ultimately helping them shape and re-engage their paths for happier and more fulfilling lives. With tenacity and responsibility, Rinkoo will inspire the client to embark on a journey of reflection and self-discovery, supporting them through the challenges and emotions this may raise. In a safe and stimulating environment, Rinkoo will collaborate with the client in exploring their boundaries and shifting them when necessary.
Rinkoo’s clients range from individuals looking to make changes in their careers to corporations interested in enhancing the leadership and managerial effectiveness of their teams. Most recently, Rinkoo completed a 6-month engagement for Tory Burch HK Ltd, which included coaching 8 high potential managers and senior managers across the Sourcing organization to prepare them for enhanced performance and growth within the organization.
Rinkoo is a Level 3 Certified Organisational Coach (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership), an Associate Certified Coach (ICF) and a certified DiSC trainer. She has a Master of Fine Arts (Dist) degree in Creative Writing from The University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Political Science and Liberal Arts from The George Washington University. She is also a certified yoga instructor with a focus on meditation and breath work, and is a volunteer editor for the SPCA.
Rinkoo grew up in Hong Kong and spent 11 years living in Washington, D.C., Germany, and Guangzhou before returning to Hong Kong in 2004. She is fluent in English and Hindi.

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