Advanced Coaching Workshop – A Deep Dive on Experiential Avoidance Unlock the Secrets of Avoidance for True Breakthroughs

Advanced Coaching Workshop –
A Deep Dive on Experiential Avoidance

Unlock the Secrets of Avoidance for True Breakthroughs

Date : 19 Oct 2023 (Thurs)
Time : HKT 09:00 am – 13:00 pm
Venue : The Collab (20/F, OfficePlus@Sheung Wan, 103 Wing Lok Street,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)
Language : English
Price : Regular price HKD2,500; HKD1,750 for HKICC members (30% off)
How often do you find yourself or clients get stuck in unhealthy patterns without realising it? What are they not “seeing”? Are you interested in knowing how to facilitate them to see the “truth”? Many people are stuck because they avoid the pleasant feelings associated with the “truth”. We called this pattern Experiential Avoidance (EA). In our upcoming half-day session, we will take a deep dive into EA, unpacking why people avoid discomfort and learn effective strategies to cope with it during coaching conversations. If you are interested, click the event link below!
Experiential Avoidance (EA) is one of the critical elements of Emotional & Mental Agility (EMA). It describes a phenomenon or pattern in which a person tries to control or avoid discomfort. It has been a knotty issue in many coaching conversations because it makes the person stuck and prevents them from achieving what truly matters. As a coach, you may have good intuition to notice this type of avoidance, but it can be hard to identify what’s truly behind EA and to address the root causes.

In this half-day session, we will take a deep dive to unpack EA, and explore effective strategies to surface and manage EA. There will be fresh and exciting case studies and partnered practices to apply your learning on EA.

The session is structured into 4 parts:
1. Brief introduction of Experiential Avoidance and Emotional & Mental Agility
2. Deep dive on EA: Unpacking what we are avoiding
• Lack of awareness about the internal world
• Secondary emotion: fear of fear
• Control & predictability
• Linking Avoidance to Trauma
3. Feeling to heal: how we overcome EA
4. Partnered exercise

Who is this for?
• Coaches who have attended our Emotion & Mental Agility Training and are interested in advancing the understanding of our deep “basement.”
• Coaches interested in advancing your practice by dealing with avoidance more confidently.
• Someone who is simply interested to know why you avoid and how to overcome this behavioural pattern.

Come and spend a thought-provoking morning with us! Click the link below to book your seat.

Training Facilitator: 
Henry Chamberlain is an internationally experienced psychologist, executive coach (ICF PCC) and trainer of coaches, who is passionate about facilitating individuals, teams and organisations to unleash full potential and create sustainable change. During his 26 years in coaching and consulting industry, he has successfully transformed C-suite and senior executives across the globe, and designed exceptional recruitment, engagement and development solutions for MNCs, SMEs and startups. Henry’s vision is to transform coaching in Asia and create a world where everyone can access a coach
HCC Global Limited is a science-driven organisation that brings profound insights and impactful solutions to organisations looking to unleash people’s potential. We are a team of I/O psychologists with extensive experience in bringing validated and reliable data to talent recruitment, coaching, and people development in Hong Kong and beyond. Specialised in coaching, assessment and leadership development, we believe the true sustainable change to teams and organisations start with developing personal and leadership mastery.

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