Join special guest Professor David Clutterbuck for our Accredited Team Coaching Programme in Hong Kong 21, 22, 23 September 2023

Join special guest Professor David Clutterbuck for our Accredited Team Coaching Programme in Hong Kong 21, 22, 23 September 2023

Date : 2-Day 21, 22 Sept 2023

          Optional Day 3, 23 Sept 2023
Time : 9:30 – 18:00 HKT
Venue : Hong Kong (Location TBC)
Language : UK English
Price : 2 Days HKD 9,750
Day 3 HKD 5,750
All 3 Days HKD 15,500

We are delighted, once again, to welcome David Clutterbuck back to Hong Kong. Also returning to Hong Kong for this programme is Craig McKenzie, Head of Transcend’s Team Coaching faculty. Over the past 3 years David and Craig have worked closely in the Global Team Coaching Institute and Coaching and Mentoring International’s team coaching programmes to develop the Gateway, Practitioner and Senior Practitioner curriculum which has been delivered to thousands of coaches throughout the world. This Accredited Team Coaching Programme is an incredible opportunity to develop practical team coaching expertise and accreditation from global leaders in team coaching.

HKICC members will save HK$2,000  (12.5%) on the upcoming programme on September 21-23, 2023 in Hong Kong.

You’ll gain indispensable insights on:

  • Efffective hybrid work teams
  • Maintaining and developing team culture
  • Supporting well-being and team resilience
  • Developing leadership
  • Rapid teaming

By attending all three days, you’ll also be eligible for EMCC Team Coaching accreditation – a prestigious European Quality Award credential. You may also choose to only attend the first 2 days and get a strong practical foundation in team coaching.

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Coaching is widely recognized as an impactful way to drive growth, enhance performance, and catalyse improvement – for both individuals and teams. In the organisational context, team coaching is gaining more acceptance and attention. However, it’s crucial to note there are significant differences between individual and team coaching and proper training is essential to create the value clients expect from team coaching.  The list below will expand your understanding of how team coaching is different and how you would benefit from training!

Through our collaborative work within the Global Institute for Team Coaching Supervision we have identified several key differentiators which we have categorised as follows:

  • Clients:
    • The clients of team coaches are teams as a whole compared to individual coaching.  This may include team leaders, team members and sponsors. Increasingly this may include teams of teams
  • Contracting/Agreements:
    • There is a heightened complexity of the team as a client, including engaging stakeholders, sponsors and agreeing the expected outcomes of team coaching
    • The “in the room” demands of continuous contracting as the team coaching conversation flows requires exceptional observational skills, attention to psychological safety and self-management
    • Best practice includes working in a team coaching pair with it’s own attendant contracts and agreements, both in planning and in the moment, when things don’t go as planned
  • Contexts:
    • Team coaches work with a variety of types of teams that create unique challenges. Some examples include new teams, project teams, leadership teams, cross-functional teams, cross-organisational teams, business as usual teams, agile teams, stale teams and self-directed teams
    • The organisation’s vision and expectation of teams may represent a particular perspective on teams which must be taken into account. One common example is teams who are not teams at all, teams in name only. Another would be large teams who have no interdependence or shared purpose
  • Coach Formation/Maturity:
    • The team coach formation journey is significantly different than the individual coach formation journey which includes such areas as maturity, wisdom, the use of self and their relationship to complexity
    • Team coaches will be at various stages of development and will have different developmental needs depending on their prior experience and exposure with teams
    • A strong and mature foundation in coaching is essential to effective team coaching as everything is multiplied
  • Professional Excellence:
    • Team Coaching is a developing profession and there are growing standards and pathways to accreditation
  • Simplexification (Complexification):
    • We define simplexification as the art of making things as simple as possible without simplification
    • Team coaches must be able to work with and within a high level of complexity and create the conditions for the conversations the team needs to have in order to develop
    • “There is just so much more going on in coaching a team than coaching one to one.  There is not only the interaction between the team leader and the coach, but between the team members and the leader, the team leader and the team members, sub-groups within the team and so on.” (What Every Coach Supervisor Needs To Know About Supervising Team Coaches, Clutterbuck, Lewis, Dickel and McKenzie, 2020)
  • Conversations:
    • As the numbers of individuals increase so does the number of conversations that impact the Team’s ability to achieve their desired outcomes
    • To name a few these include the team as a whole, individuals with stakeholders, leader to team members, individual internal dialogues and conversations about the team by stakeholders
  • Processes:
    • Team coaching is a complex process where the team coach can play multiple roles and be able to switch between them skilfully
  • Goals and Outcomes 
    • Additionally, individual coaching focuses on personal growth and contribution, whereas team coaching targets overall functioning, interactions, and collective goals. Team performance, learning and shared productivity takes precedence over individual performance

We would be happy to speak with you about this exciting opportunity. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to level up your team coaching abilities and take advantage of HKICC savings!


Professor David Clutterbuck is one of the original pioneers of coaching and mentoring globally. He has published over 75 books and is a key player in the development of team coaching worldwide, as well as, a co-founder of the EMCC.


Craig McKenzie is the Head of Team Coaching at Transcend and Core Faculty for CCMI leading Practitioner and Senior Practitioner Programmes Internationally. He was Head of the PERILL CASP stream for GTCI and a pioneer in Team Coaching Supervision.


Transcend International is a global provider of coaching and training solutions designed to help individuals, teams and organisations move beyond simply adapting towards genuine thriving in the face of an ever changing and increasingly challenging landscape.

We have 20+ years of global executive and professional coaching experience across the entire coaching spectrum, with clients spread all around the world. We are renowned in the industry for our expertise in training and coaching in areas such as Transformational Coaching, Team Coaching, Executive Coaching, Coaching Supervision and Mentor Coaching. Additionally, we are well-recognised for our in-depth corporate experience and being recognised thought leaders.

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