What is Team Coaching and how do you become a Team Coach that every Team needs Join the In-Person Team Coaching Practitioner Programme and get trained with these game-changing skills

What is Team Coaching and how do you

become a Team Coach that every Team needs

Join the In-Person
Team Coaching Practitioner Programme and
get trained with these game-changing skills


We live in times where workplaces are evolving rapidly. The rise of digital transformation and the need for agile decision-making present novel difficulties for teams across the globe. As a coach, you have the opportunity to guide teams through these transitions, fostering a culture of psychological safety, performance, and alignment.

Are you ready to expand your coaching horizon beyond 1-2-1 coaching and make a significant impact on teams? If so, we have something exciting for you – The Team Coaching Practitioner Programme!

This programme, founded on the groundbreaking research of Professor David Clutterbuck, is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to coach teams effectively. It’s a shift from one-to-one coaching to developing coaching cultures within entire teams. The programme is accredited by both the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).
The programme provides an in-depth understanding of team dynamics and offers practical tools to help teams change these dynamics for improved performance. The benefits of this programme are manifold:

– Gaining confidence in coaching both small and large teams
– Acquiring deeper insights into factors affecting team performance
– Gaining clarity on each phase of a team coaching assignment
– Equipping yourself with a toolkit to assist a team leader in developing a coaching culture
– Understanding different types of teams and their specific coaching needs
– Grasping the concept of teams as systems within systems; understanding linear, systemic, and complex adaptive systems perspectives
– Learning a practical model (PERILL) to support a team in understanding its systems.

Successful candidates will receive automatic recommendation for the Team Coaching Practitioner ITCA (Individual Team Coach award) from EMCC Global which also includes automatic recommendation for the European Individual Accreditation EIA (an Individual Coach / Mentor level award at Practitioner level) from EMCC Global. This programme is accredited as an Advanced Accreditation Certification in Team Coaching (AATC) by the ICF.

Take this opportunity to enhance your coaching capabilities and make a difference to a team’s journey towards success. Learn more about the programme here.

Date : June 12 – 14, 2024 (Wednesday – Friday)

Time : 9:30 – 18:00 HKT

Venue : Hong Kong

Language : English

Price : HKD 21, 900

Craig McKenzie is the Director and Head of Team Coaching and Academy at Transcend and Core Faculty for CCMI leading Practitioner and Senior Practitioner Programmes Internationally. He was Head of the PERILL CASP stream for GTCI and a pioneer in Team Coaching Supervision training. He has been training since 2008, ICFHK Past President, Past VP of HKICC and a founding member the EMCC Asia Pacific Region.

Transcend International is a global provider of coaching and training solutions designed to help individuals, teams and organisations move beyond simply adapting towards genuine thriving in the face of an ever changing and increasingly challenging landscape.

We have 20+ years of global executive and professional coaching experience across the entire coaching spectrum, with clients spread all around the world. We are renowned in the industry for our expertise in training and coaching in areas such as Transformational Coaching, Team Coaching, Executive Coaching, Coaching Supervision and Mentor Coaching. Additionally, we are well-recognised for our in-depth corporate experience and being recognised thought leaders.

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