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HKICC's definition of coaching

Coaching is a client driven partnership focused on creating positive change, expanding possibilities and unleashing potential through:

  • Skillful communication
  • Creating awareness
  • Exploring
  • Clarifying
  • Sharing insights, tools, resources and experiences

A coach is an inspiring, resourceful and

compassionate professional who empowers the client to take responsibility for her or his own results.

Professional coaching is a new approach to personal development. A coach and a willing individual enter into a powerful collaborative relationship aimed at realizing extraordinary results. The client creates results through a process of discovery, goal setting, and strategic actions. The coach acts as a thinking partner and provides support, encouragement and challenge.

Coaching can focus on many different aspects of life including executive, leadership, management, business and personal development, career planning and transition, relationships, time management, life balance, spirituality etc. Our community includes coaches who work in a wide variety of coaching specialties.

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