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At HKICC, building connections with like-minded people through learning and networking is at the heart of what we do. 

Coach Development Events

We are passionate about our Coach Development Events which we host around 10 times per year either face-to-face or online, where both members and non-members can join.

We strive for our events to provide opportunities for learning and development through open-sharing and exchange of experiences. These are often hosted by our members and/or subject-matter experts.

Some of our past Coach Development Events include: 

  • Practising Presence and Embodiment 
  • Coaching for Developmental Transformation 
  • Coaching with Metaphorical Associate Cards 
  • Strengths Coaching 
  • Team Coaching 
  • Systemic Constellations 
  • Coaching Supervision 
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching
Latest Events
Event Categories

Interested in presenting a topic?

We’d love to hear from you! At HKICC we are always open to new ideas for workshops from our members. Feel free to reach out if you have suggestions or would like to share a topic you’re knowledgeable or passionate about. 

Besides Coach Development Events, we also organise social events for our members to enjoy and meet new friends. These are hosted both regularly and around special occasions such as Chinese New Year and Christmas. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar for the latest updates.

Community Outreach

Our Vision for the Community

One of our goals at HKICC is to raise the community’s awareness on what coaching is and why it’s useful. We believe that everyone can benefit from coaching for both their personal and professional development. We are therefore committed to doing our part in creating accessible coaching opportunities for the greater community. 

Pro-bono Coaching

Our way of serving the larger community is to create win-win pro-bono coaching programmes for partners such as NGOs, charities, or universities. For our pro-bono coaches, it provides an opportunity to give back and to expand their coaching experience. For our partners, they get to experience the power of coaching first-hand.Some of our past programmes include Pro-bono coaching to management teams of NGOs such as the KELY Support Group, Caritas and Christian Action Centre for Refugees, as well as career coaching for students at HKU.

Current Pro-bono Initiatives

Our current programmes include a co-operation with Newgig, a volunteer initiative that supports people whose lives and careers have been impacted by the pandemic. Together with two other coaching associations, IACHK and ICFHK, we have created the initiative Think Broadly to support young people in Hong Kong. Through a series of workshops, we support their personal growth, and provide them with tools to increase their self-awareness. Our partners are schools, universities, and parent groups, allowing us to work with the younger generation directly and those educating them. If you are interested in participating in our pro-bono coaching programmes, please reach out to us at, Subject “HKICC Pro-bono Coaching”.
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