Angie Wong

​20+ years of practical experience as a Finance executive, 10+ years of experience coaching business leaders in the US, Asia, and Europe.
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Cantonese, English
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+10 Years
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Angie Wong draws on over 20 years of experience as a Finance executive. She is a seasoned coach with over 2000 coaching hours serving MNC C-Suites, directors, and top talents in the US, Europe & Asia. Angie is passionate about supporting leaders and teams to create transformation from within, to achieve short-term goals while developing long-term sustainable behavioral changes.

Angie believes sustainable change starts from within. She adopts an integral approach that allows clients to embrace their intrinsic attributes and strengths, and cultivate integrated wellness in their body, mind, heart, and spirit. Angie’s clients describe her as a thoughtful listener, an authentic truth-seeker and teller, and a trusted partner who offers practical, impactful guidance.

As the former President of a regional banking organization in the US, Angie has extensive experience in building organizational capability and managing broad-scale change efforts. She was named “Outstanding Female Banking Executive” by Independent Bankers Magazine in 2006.

Angie has worked with international clients including Fortune 500 global firms across multiple sectors. Her coaching supports her clients to shift from tactical leadership to enterprise leadership. They learn to lead from their hearts and communicate authentically and compellingly. They devise clear direction and strategy, lead organizational change, achieve work-life balance, build influence skills, and effectively develop relationships with key stakeholders.

Born in Hong Kong and educated in the US, Angie is well-suited to coaching executives from a variety of cultural backgrounds. She is fluent in English and Cantonese. Outside of coaching, Angie is an ardent yoga practitioner and an avid outdoor explorer. She engages mindfulness practices daily to bring clarity and full presence in her coaching work and life so she can serve her clients and others fully and compassionately.

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