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Charlie Lang
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Hong Kong
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Progress-U Limited is one of the leading coaching companies in Hong Kong and one of the few truly regional players in this field. Besides executive coaching services, Progress-U also offers comprehensive training programs to develop managers for leadership excellence and sales executives and managers to accelerate their sales and optimize their margins through the innovative 'Stop Selling!' approach. Progress-U was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong by Charlie Lang and covers now the Asia-Pacific region with own offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. Progress-U satellites can be found in Beijing, Mumbai, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok and Manila. Besides executive coaching and training services, Progress-U also provides tailor-made 360 degree assessments (for leadership, management, sales, EQ, etc.) and other assessments (Harrison Assessments and team assessments) for both development, talent management and selection of top talents. In 2011, Progress-U launched the Progress-U Institute of Innovative Corporate Coaching which offers professional coach development programs for aspiring and experienced internal and external coaches. It is fully accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

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