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Sally Dellow
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Sally's passion is building personal and management effectiveness. She relishes coaching a wide array of personalities and nationalities, across a range of industries including accountancy, the arts, banking and finance, education, insurance and media/PR. Her clients develop greater self-awareness so they can define their goals, create strategies for action and manage their behaviours. She believes in authenticity, impact, support and momentum - and also ensures that the coaching process is human and fun, as well as rigorous and challenging. Her core belief is in emphasising and playing to strengths. Through her consultancy, Dramatic Difference, Sally offers executive and personal coaching, as well as training for managers and leaders in her focus areas of communication, creativity and cross-cultural competence. Drawing on her unusual background in both the corporate and theatre worlds, Sally helps clients think using both right and left brain hemispheres, so they gain new perspectives on old issues and create innovative solutions to problems. Through Dramatic Difference, Sally also runs a team of multi-lingual professional roleplayers who work with corporate clients around the region to enhance their learning, development and assessment centres.

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