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Angela Spaxman
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Hong Kong
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+10 Years
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Angela Spaxman is one of the pioneers of executive coaching in Hong Kong with more than 20 years of experience in the people-development field as a coach, corporate facilitator, and consultant in both Hong Kong and Canada. Angela works with international leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs in Asia to achieve breakthroughs in leadership effectiveness and life fulfillment. In the increasingly complex and dynamic environments of global business, she helps her clients develop the greater awareness and breadth of concern that are necessary to navigate the delicate balance between short-term profitability and the long-term common good. As a serial leader of small business ventures and non-profit organizations, she has grounded insight into practical leadership and entrepreneurial challenges. Angela’s decades of personal development, her well-grounded confidence, and her natural curiosity allow her to create strong coaching relationships that generate new insights and the clarity and courage to change. Angela Spaxman has an eclectic coaching philosophy drawing from many different sources to serve her clients. The models she uses include adult development theory (Action Logics, Leadership Agility, The Leadership Circle, STAGES), Paradox Theory, Coach U’s Personal Foundation Program, somatic emotional processing, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Marshall Goldsmith systems, ontological coaching, integral philosophy, mindfulness training, Toastmasters International public speaking training and more.

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