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Douglas Gerber
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Hong Kong
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Douglas is a Master Executive Coach, Team Coach, Mentor IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and Trainer, focusing on C level executives and teams.


He helps Managing Directors, Board Members, Directors, CEO's, Presidents and VP's become outstanding leaders and peak performers. Douglas has committed himself to empowering people and organizations for over 25 years, serving in Vice-President, Sales, Marketing and General Management positions for global corporations. He has motivated thousands of individuals and teams to operate at peak performance, and achieve success. Currently, Douglas is CEO of FocusOne Ltd., and runs programs and consults with organizations on: * Executive Coaching to build leadership, transform behavior and resolve people issues, resulting in outstanding leaders * Building executive teams and with a sense of belonging, identify, spirit and collaboration * Motivating and turning around teams to achieve peak performance * Facilitating organizations on values, vision and purpose * Conflict resolution and “tough people problems” * Strategy Development and thinking * Enabling executives to navigate through cross cultural communications * Building leadership skills During his corporate career spanning ten countries Douglas has made notable achievements: * While with Kodak, Douglas led the consumer & retail businesses in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to #1 share position, thereby propelling growth, share and profits * With PepsiCo, Douglas created and motivated a world-class organization of 2500 front-liners and managers in Greater China. He worked together with global customers to create stellar growth and business partnerships. Douglas is the founder of "Passion Workshops" which assists people to experience fulfillment in their work and life. As an entrepreneur, Douglas has set up several successful businesses in Asia focusing on personal and team success, wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Douglas has visited over 50 countries and speaks eight languages, including Mandarin. He is committed to helping people in Asia to achieve a better life, and serves as director of a charity, which builds schools and hospitals in the region.

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