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Gregor Miller
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Hong Kong
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+10 Years
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Gregor supports individuals to achieve their personal development goals, develop effective personal & leadership skills and approaches, consider how they work more effectively as part of a team,  explore their own personal behaviour and impact on others, navigate organisation politics and implement behavioural change, make decisions or problem solve specific issues and develop higher levels of self-awareness and inner self-confidence.  Experience and feedback to date have evidenced that he establishes a strong rapport with his clients, and through genuine listening and support, he develops trusting and open relationships that are highly valued.   His knowledge of personality, motivation and behaviour enables him to increase levels of self-awareness so that clients develop their understanding of why they react and behave in particular ways.  Time spent gaining an in-depth understanding of his client’s needs is essential to produce meaningful change that define success for the client.

He is qualified to use a range of diagnostic measures and often finds it helpful to use these in helping people to understand some of the traits underlying their behaviour.  He recognises the need to adapt his style of coaching to suit his client, depending on their naturally preferred styles, their need for structure, and their need for support versus challenge, for example.  His experience in coaching has shown the need for a very clear focus on specific outcomes right from the start. Gregor works with individuals to clarify their particular needs and objectives, and to agree how they will best work together to ensure these are achieved.  His coaching sessions are often based around numerous models including the GROW model, a well-established process proven to facilitate progress toward desired outcomes and narrative coaching, supporting mindset and leadership shifts in approach.  As a practicing Management Consultant and Certified Business Coach (CBC) with the WABC and member of the ICF, Gregor applies professional standards and a strict code of conduct.  He will always work to the client’s agenda and an agreed contract.

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