President’s Announcement – February 2016

All of us on the HKICC Management team hope that you are having a great start to the year and wish you peace and joy during the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday.

We have 2 special announcements we would like to make before the holiday starts:

New Mentor Coaching Initiative
New VP Positions Available – Call to Action

New Mentor Coaching Initiative 

Beginning this month, on 19th February, group mentoring sessions are coming to HKICC.

We plan to run group-mentoring sessions on a regular basis to support coaches with their development of coaching skills. Coaches at all levels of experience are welcome to join the sessions.

These sessions will be an opportunity for participant coaches to learn or review coaching skills, discuss best practices and challenges and practice coaching in a safe environment.

We also aim to provide opportunities for our more experienced coaches to take on the role of mentor and facilitate sessions sharing their knowledge and experiences with the coaching community.

Sessions will be run by a variety of mentor coaches on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on interest and availability of mentor coaches. If you would like to volunteer to run a session please contact Carole Lewis on

First Group Mentoring Session – Great Coaching Questions

Questioning is a core coaching skill, yet it is about so much more than just learning a list of great questions. It hinges on all the other coaching skills with each question being a reflection of who we are as a coach.

Join this interactive group mentoring session where you will have an opportunity to discuss, dissect and practice asking coaching questions.

Date: Friday, 19th February 2016
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Price: HK$125 HKICC members, HK$250 Non members
Facilitator: Carole Lewis
Location: To be confirmed very soon

This session will not count towards ICF CCEU’s or ICF mentor coaching hours.

To sign up for the session, please contact Karen at

About the Mentor Coach:

Carole has been coaching since 2006 and is certified as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) with the ICF.

She is also an experienced trainer of coaches. Carole runs both public and corporate coach training programs for individuals who want to become external coaches or leaders who want to adopt a coaching approach to leadership. She mentors and assesses coaches preparing for, or renewing, ACC and PCC level of International Certification.

She has a Certificate in Neuroleadership from the Neuroleadership Institute, and has a B.A. in Adult Education. Carole is a Past President of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community, and still serves on the Board of Directors on a voluntary basis.

New VP Positions Available – Call to Action

In order to improve the benefits of membership and also to evolve the ways we communicate with members, we have decided to create a couple of new VP positions.

VP Vendor and Partner Management

One of the ways in which we can provide value and benefit to our community is to source service providers who, while being excellent in their respective areas, can provide extra or discounted services or benefits to members in return for access to members through either being able to advertise or provide value added content through newsletters or articles on our website.

This role will be primarily responsible for the acquisition and management of such relationships, including working with the management team and the community at large to come up with ideas to enhance value through partnership and vendor arrangements.

VP Social Media Communications

An effective social media presence is an essential component needed to keep the community updated and engaged in the modern world. To better server our members, we aim at further minimizing the traffic of emails each week and an effective social media strategy will further streamline and expedite our communications.

Working closely with the other VP’s this new position will help to define and execute our strategy for social media communications with our community.

If you are interested to be considered for either of the above important roles, please contact me by

I wish also to thank for the management team for their contributions over the past year, and also those members of our community who have stepped up to help in so many ways. I look forward to your participation in future and to help us grow and serve our profession and our community.

If you have any ideas about the further development of HKICC or wish to be part of our community, please email me on on the address above.

Warmest regards,

Tony Dickel
February 2016

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