Everbright Project 2015

HKICC / Caritas Everbright Project

Coaches Recruitment Announcement

Pro-Bono Life Coaching Project

Co-created by HKICC and Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre
Sponsored by China Everbright Charitable Foundation Co. Ltd.

We are excited to announce that Hong Kong International Coaching Community (HKICC) will collaborate with Everbright Project of Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre again to launch the fifth round of Pro-Bono Life Coaching Project. Due to the success of last projects and promising feedback from coaches and coachees, China Everbright Charitable Foundation Co. Ltd. will continue to sponsor this remarkable project.

We cordially invite our member coaches to be volunteers to spread coaching to the community and to demonstrate the effectiveness of coaching to help the middle-class individuals.

About Everbright Project (再晴計劃) of Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre
Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre is a branch of a large local Non-Government Organization. In addition to its main work helping the clients with counseling, Everbright Project targets to support middle class families and individuals and it was introduced in 2009. According to the supervisor, who is a very experienced counselor, “the successful pilot-run of the previous project encouraged me to expand the project scope with continuing support from HKICC and sponsorship fromChina Everbright Charitable Foundation Co. Ltd.”

About China Everbright
China Everbright Ltd., with China Everbright Group as its parent company, is a diversified financial services company operating in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.

About Benefits to HKICC Coaches
Participants can network with other coaches and other professionals to support the middle class participants to set their life goals, to unleash their potentials and to reduce their interferences. Our pro bono life coaching service acts as a bonus and catalyst for developing their voluntarism and community participation.

Outline of the 2015 HKICC / Caritas Everbright Pro-Bono Life Coaching Project


  1. To promote coaching to middle class clients of Everbright Project of Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre.
  2. To support the participants of the Caritas Everbright Project through strength building and healthy lifestyle establishment in different life stages such as career development, relationship development, family establishment and children nurturing.

Target Coachees:
Middle class individuals who are willing to get motivated in developing their utmost capacity to achieve a better quality of life.

Program Content:

  1. Coaching Tasting after the Coaching Talk – Provision of one to two 30 minutes face-to-face life coaching services to the participants of the Talk.
  2. Provision of 5-6 one-hour life coaching services in mixed mode, combining face-to-face and phone coaching to the participants of the Everbright Project.
  3. Peer learning session(s) and/or mentoring may be arranged.

Coaches Selection Criteria:
Recruitment of around 12-15 coaches from HKICC professional members:

  1. Fluent Cantonese.
  2. Minimum one year experience in coaching.
  3. Commitment to fulfill all coaching sessions and participation in the meetings scheduled for briefing, sharing and evaluation of the project.

Project Key Timeline:

  1. Coaching Talk: on 26/9/2015 (Saturday) from 2:15pm to 5:15pm in Caritas Kowloon Community Hall, 3/F, 256A Prince Edward Road, Kowloon.
  2. Coaching Service in mixed mode: from October to December, 2015.

Application Form for Coaches:

Deadline for Application Submission:
6pm of September 7, 2015 (Monday)

Matching of voluntary coaches and Caritas’ participants:

  1. To be jointly coordinated by HKICC Everbright Project Organizing Committee members Cindy Hung and Carmen Au, supported by Charles Chau, Vice President, Community Coaching.
  2. Number of coaches matched will depend on the number of participants joining this project. Preference will be given to those who are also able to attend the Coaching Talk on 26/9/2015.
  3. If the number of coaches application exceeds the number of coaching opportunities available, those not matched will be considered in next round or other projects of similar nature in the future.

Please send your application form to Cindy at cindy.hung1@gmail.com and cc community@coachinghk.com. If you would like to know more about this project or have any enquiries, please feel free to send an email to Cindy at cindy.hung1@gmail.com or Carmen at carmenaukaman@gmail.com.

Look forward to your participation.

Best regards,
Charles Chau
Vice President, Community Coaching

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