HKICC and Reciprocoach

HKICC and Reciprocoach have created an alliance, which brings many benefits to you as member of HKICC and to HKICC as a group. Read on to find out what you need to do to enjoy them…

What is Reciprocoach?

ReciproCoach is an international community of coaches who participate in coaching, mentoring and supervision rounds. As a ReciproCoach, you receive coaching and mentoring and pay for it by giving it to another coach. So, rather than paying for coaching sessions, you just pay a small administration fee and also get experience coaching. Double the benefit!

Why Join?

I’s a fantastic collaborative learning experience that enables you to:

  • Practice your coaching/mentoring in a an environment that facilitates learning
  • Receive feedback from your clients
  • Be coached/mentored without paying coaching rates
  • Join supervision rounds and learn from the experience of other coaches
  • Gain credits towards your ICF accreditation

Why the alliance?

It brings many benefits to our members – individually and as a community

  •  Obtain a free coaching “resource” to support you as a professional coach – e.g. coaching intake forms, session prep forms. A full list is available on the website
  •  Request specific rounds to be set up that would benefit you
  •  Provide feedback that enables the service to be improved
  • For every new member who signs up with the HKICC affiliate code, the HKICC receives a credit that can be reinvested to enrich our members.

 Sign-Up in a few easy steps !

  • Create/Update your Reciprocoach membership
  • ENTER THE HKICC code: HKICC20120709 (new members only)
  •  SELECT HKICC under “Professional Associations”

Join the upcoming coaching round !

There is an upcoming coaching round commencing 22nd January 2013, please follow the link to sign up and participate


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