HKICC Management Committee (Including Exco)

HKICC Executive Committe

(EXCO) Director Roles   Role
Antony John Dickel
(Tony Dickel)
The President has overview of and responsibility for the HKICC team and members’ compliance to the principles and standards of HKICC. The President is also responsible for upholding, developing and executing the vision and future plans of HKICC.
Vice President

Nicholas Wai The Executive Vice President ably supports the President through her role as the President and takes over as acting President in the President’s absence. The Executive Vice President also fields members requests and channels it to the right HKICC Team member. The Executive Vice President will oversee members promotions of their work through our Joint Venture program.
Carole Lewis The Secretary is responsible for overseeing administration and to ensure that HKICC complies with the Companies Ordinance and other statutory filing requirements and internal governance issues.


Director Finance
Jeremy Stunt The Treasurer is responsible for all HKICC finances, tracking income and expenditure and reporting on such as required. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that we are on budget and that HKICC maintains a healthy and balanced financial position.
Past President
Lee Wai Lan The Immediate Past President supports the new president in their role.

HKICC Managment Committee

Official Roles
(Non- Director roles)
Nominated Candidates Role
VP Coach Development
Lalita Raman
The VP Coach Development is responsible for envisioning training, seminars and events towards developing and promoting coaching amongst our member and would-be coaches. The VP Coach Development plans, schedules and hosts the valuable monthly Coach Development meetings.
VP Community Coaching Charles Chau The VP Community Coaching is responsible for promoting coaching mainly in non-commercial sectors like NGOs, schools etc. The VP Community Coaching is in charge of HKICC’s coaching projects to raise the profile of coaching in the community and to bring greater exposure for our members.

VP Events and Pubic Relations

Zoe Conlin The VP Events and Public Relations is responsible for reaching out to the public and making HKICC known in the community through media and partnerships. The VP Events and Public also heads up the Events Committee and is responsible for the creation and planning of a variety of HKICC events.
VP Marketing NG Hon Wai
( Patrick NG)
The VP Marketing is in charge of all marketing initiatives, creating, planning and executing marketing programs to boost the profile of HKICC. The VP Marketing is also responsible for measuring and tweaking our marketing strategy to achieve the best results.

VP Membership

Anthony Cheng The VP Membership oversees all queries relating to members and member benefits. The VP Membership also manages the Find a Coach page on the website and answer queries about the coaching categories.


    Administration & Membership: Karen Ma
Karen takes care of all member registrations and accounting issues. Karen is also responsible for all back of house record keeping and administration.
  Virtual Assistant: Bauhinia Solutions
The HKICC Management Team are supported by Bauhinia Solutions.  The Bauhinia team are responsible for the monthly minutes, weekly announcements, advertiser announcements and a variety of online content including updating the HKICC website.


    Honorable Advisor (not elected)  SK Shum
Honorable Advisor (not elected) Bonnie Chan
Honorable Advisor (not elected) Charlie Lang


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