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Complete Member Benefits


Remark – The Committee of HKICC is currently reviewing the Member Benefits scheme.  More

             news are expected in Q2 2020.)


HKICC Member Benefits



Our Vision


Everyone who wants to coach coaches from their best professional selves, and everyone who can benefit from coaching is coached in a way that brings them to their best.


Our Mission


Empowering and nuturing an open, inclusive, collaborative and sustainable coaching community towards mastery, maturity and clarity in Hong Kong and beyond.



Why Join HKICC?


Your membership means your alignment and participation in our vision and mission.  Our Committee and members have developed the following guidelines over the years:


  • HKICC is the best place for connecting and leveraging opportunities across complex networks
  • HKICC is a warm and welcoming community where we exchange ideas and resources, a place of fair trade
  • HKICC is a place that allows coaches to stay connected and relaxed
  • We aim to be the heart of coaching in Hong Kong
  • We take big bites of a delicious fusion of coaching styles
  • Our goal is to make HKICC the place to springboard from

In addition to the relationships you will form, you get the opportunity to participate in regular Coach Development and Community Coaching activities and Round-Table discussions and forums.  At these events you will have the opportunity to meet and hear from experts from the HKICC community and other industry professionals. Through community projects you will get the opportunity to develop as a coach through practices and also to give back to the people of Hong Kong.




Types of Membership


We have THREE annual membership options, with your year starting from the date of sign up.


Regular Member

$500 HK

Professional Member

$950 HK

Corporate Professional Member

$2800 HK



Member Benefits


Member area











Coach developmentAttend Regular Coach Development events at HK$100 for each session per individual/sign-up

(Non-member needs to pay HK$250 per session)

 Discounts to professional training courses advertised through HKICC.

Maintaining a Coaching BusinessAbility to promote Coaching Training, Events and Job Announcements to HKICC members and subscribers at a discounted rate.

 Have a listing in the HKICC ‘Find a Coach’ directory with the ability to add your business logo and branding to the search directory.

 Ability to add HKICC logo to your website to add credibility by confirming you abide by the HKICC standards.



Promoting Coaching in Hong Kong


To be part of organized coaching events within HK (e.g. speed coaching, coaching cafe’s).

 Publish coaching related articles/research on HKICC website.             √

 Co-organize coaching events with HKICC. 

 Actively participate in the management, practices, standards & policies development of HKICC. 

 With voting right at the Annual General Meetings. 




Stand for election as an Executive Committee member. 


Corporate Professional Membership

As a Corporate professional member you will receive all the above benefits plus the following additional benefits:

  1. Nomination of maximum 3 delegats per corporate account to have separate profiles on the search directory;
  2. Promote one free event per year;
  3. Participate and promote your coaching business in Marketing Days (normally a weekly program);
  4. Nominate additional delegate of HK$700 each per year.



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