Amy Fung

Amy Fung
First Name
Last Name
Hong Kong
Coaching Language
Cantonese, English, Putonghua
Years of Coaching Practice
6-10 Years
Coach Profile

Amy is a seasoned finance executive who now works as an executive coach, trainer and facilitator.

She is passionate about helping people find their true core values and excel in their chosen professions. Amy has over 20 years’ corporate experience working at multinational PR and advertising companies as Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director, Greater China and Hong Kong. Her extensive experience encompasses management, leadership and operations including finance, HR, legal, IT and administration. Over the years, Amy has not only supported various companies in achieving annual targets, exceeding financial performance indicators, but has also set up various initiatives to help build an inclusive corporate culture and to create a sense of belonging for personnel.

As an executive coach, Amy makes use of her corporate experience to support her clients in achieving their goals – management, leadership and personal. Her approach is to help clients explore and find out the driving forces and strengths behind their performance, support them to take action and make changes to get better results. Her areas of focus are primarily self-management, leadership, building confidence, life and career coaching, maternity coaching and work-life balance.

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