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Bonnie Chan has been coaching business and non-profit organizations since 2003 to assist them in achieving success. Bonnie has eighteen years of global organizations’ working experience, having worked 13 years in Japanese global corporations and 4 years in a Hong Kong semi-government trading council Bonnie works with senior leadership teams, individual executives and line managers of the corporations. She utilizes a positive, growth-oriented approach to change both the individual and organization levels. Bonnie’s technical expertise includes: executive coaching, change management, fitting company culture to business need, and team development. Bonnie is a passionate, people-driven professional who believes in and helps people leverage their talents and abilities to produce meaningful work and a fulfilling work life. Bonnie holds the Master Degree in Applied Eco-Psychology from West Coast University and Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavioral Science from Keio University. She received her coaching training from the Graduate School of Coaching, Coachville and attained her title as a Certified Coach from International Association of Coaching (IAC). Bonnie is an active member in the Hong Kong International Coaching Community (HKICC) and served as the President in 2005/6. She is a member in the Board of Governors, International Association of Coaching (IAC) since 2007. Bonnie teaches Executive Coaching Course at the HKU Space and co-authored two Coaching books.

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