Bhakti Mathur

Bhakti Mathur
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Hong Kong
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English, Other
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Fewer than 3 years
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Bhakti Mathur is a former finance industry executive with over twenty years of experience in private banking in global firms such as J Safra Sarasin, ING Asia, and Citigroup. Bhakti was a Managing Director, looking after high net-worth client relationships in Hong Kong and Singapore. While still in banking, Bhakti wrote a children’s book, and in a few years turned it into a highly successful series of 18+ books and a contract with Penguin India.

Shortly after she left banking in 2017, Bhakti began freelancing as a feature writer for the South China Morning Post, writing features on life, health and fitness, focusing on the extraordinary resilience of ordinary people in the face of insurmountable adversities. Over seventy five published articles later, Bhakti still marvels at the strength of the human spirit.

Bhakti’s experiences have positioned her exceptionally well in supporting clients seeking a career transition, setting and achieving goals and adopting effective time management techniques.

Whether you are transitioning from one career to another, getting back into the professional world after years of full-time parenting, or setting new personal or professional goals,  periods of change can be difficult and disruptive. Bhakti partners with her clients to create a safe space to explore personal strengths, reflect on the past and imagine the future.

Bhakti’s clients can expect to benefit from her holistic outlook and authentic curiosity, as she sets the stage by asking broad, thoughtful questions and utilises a variety of exercise tools. The resulting environment of open and transparent reflection concludes with a practical action plan and a structure for accountability to help you define and achieve your goals.

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