Dear members and friends,

The Year of the Tiger came in roaring with Covid challenges we haven’t quite seen since it all started 2 years ago. Hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and warm in these wet winter days (glad the sun finally came out in the last few days). As coaches, it helps us to think of all challenges as learning experiences, and so what could we learn from what’s happening in Hong Kong in the last few weeks? One thing that came up for me is that when one wants to be prepared for the big waves and any challenges to come, one needs to do the prep work when the waves are gentle, looking inward on what needs to change, practice, and get feedbacks until you can master the new skills required to face the big waves. What are the big waves coming at you and how do you need to change in order to ride them when they hit?

Although we will not be able to return to in person events in the foreseeable future, we have a whole year of exciting virtual events scheduled. We will be sharing them shortly so please look out for them. On March 16th, we will kick off another of our special 2022 series called the Professional Community Series, when representatives from prominent international coaching credentialing bodies talk about the merits and requirements of their credentialing systems. The first of this series will be a talk by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council EMCC (Asia Pacific), with a local credentialed coach sharing with us her experience with us in applying for credentialing with EMCC. This will be followed in the coming months with more events in the series with 3 other fellow international coaching credentialing bodies so you will have a broader view of the major worldwide coach credentialing systems and a more informed view on your professional development.

Continuing our 20th anniversary celebration, the second event of our HKICC20 – Presidents in Dialogue series will see one of our past presidents Carole Lewis in dialogue with one of our past vice-presidents Cristina Rodenbeck on April 20. They will discuss successful as well as more challenging stories in establishing and sustaining yourself as a coach. I’m sure you already feel excited with these 2 events and can’t wait to join, and there will be more to come.

If you haven’t sent us your short clips (1-2 mins) to share a story about how HKICC has made an impact on your journey as a coach, you can still send this to We shall post these wonderful clips on our relaunched website…to serve as a time capsule of the story of HKICC.

Our work in ironing out the kinks on our new website is continuing, thanks to feedbacks from many of you. At the moment we are working on fixing the “Find a Coach” function and streamlining the membership renewal system. Please bear with us and if you encounter any issues in using the new website, please send me a message at so we can have it resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for your support and patience.

In terms of the community, we are delighted to welcome Asha Sridhar and Vipul Malhotra to our community, and thank you to all those members who renewed their membership since my last President’s Message.

If you are a new member who has not joined our new member welcome event before, please mark your calendar for our upcoming Welcome and Networking event on March 31 at 7:30pm. While HKICC Management Committee members will more in-depth-ly introduce HKICC to our newer members, we would also love to have the not-so-new members join us from 8:00pm and mingle with our new members as well as one another in breakouts sessions. More details will be coming soon.

HKICC is a non-profit organisation supported by dedicated volunteers and we are always on the lookout for members who would like to contribute and give back to our wonderful community. Please let me know if you would like to contribute to the development of your coaching community in any way.

Stay healthy and keep up the good work.

Warmest regards,

Nicholas Wai

March 2022

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